Detox Chi Cube Set

$ 50.00

We are constantly testing and refining HighChi Energy. A Polaroid photo is a holographic image and  when used with the Chi Cubes create a more effective delivery method. You can still use a piece of your hair under the cube however, the Polaroid gives you even more energy. Generally speaking we recommend to use only use one Chi Cube at a time on the Polaroid. You can also get Polaroids of your pets, loved ones or even your house.


Universal Chi - This is a marvelous energy that was actually given to us. One of the ways that we clean an energy is to shoot energy through a tensor field, which is a kind of portal carried on light. When it comes back to us it is pristine. In June 2010, a whole new energy came back. We did many tests on it, and it tested positive for far infrared, but not for the Higher Harmonic of red. As it turned out it measured out to be filled with white light, and it pulled our what ever is not of the light, and transformed it into a Qi Gong Master energy, a very healing energy that Qi Gong masters are able to generate from their hands. As John and I agreed, what more do we need right now, than to pull our toxins.

Neutralize 1- Negative energies from Radiation, Chemicals and pesticides.

Detox - Designed after the Japan nuclear reactor crisis. These are foundational HighChi energies for releasing toxins.

Inflammation - The key to healing, and keeping youthful. Chronic inflammation can eventually cause several diseases and conditions, including some cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, periodontis, and hay fever. 

Lymph - Key for detoxing, and as we know Cleanliness is Godliness.

Detox Heavy Metals  - Key to keeping youthful is getting all heavy metals out of our systems.

 If you choose to receive the Set with a Polaroid, please email or text us a digital full length photo of yourself or a loved one and we will turn that into a Polaroid to put your Chi Cube on.
You can stand in front of a full length mirror and take the photo with your phone.
email full body photo to

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