Fine Sailor Link Bracelet with Choice of Chi Coin

$ 149.00
Chi Coin

The Sailor Link Bracelet is wonderful when worn alone or stacked with your other HighChi bracelets. Amplify your intentions as you resonate at what you want to create and attract what you most desire into your life.

The Fine Sailor Link is glamorous and very feminine. Paired with our Chi Coin, this everyday combination is perfect alone or worn with your other HighChi Power Pieces. Choose your Chi Coin according to your focus. 

Love - When we truly love ourselves everyone around us feels loved.  
Success -  Resonate at success in your studies, work or any endeavor you choose.
Healing - The world doesn't need fixing, it needs healing. As we heal ourselves, we heal our world.
Courage - To go for what you truly want!
Peace - Quiet and Tranquility.
Joy - The combination of Peace and Beauty.

To receive the most energy from your HighChi Bracelets, wear them on your left hand, because your energy comes in through your left across your Heart Meridian and down your right. Let yourself be lifted!

 Fine Sailor Bracelet
thick 1/8" = 3mm
length 8'' = 20,3cm
width 7/32'' = 5mm
lobster clasp length 7/16’’ = 11mm
lobster clasp width 3/16’’ = 5mm

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