Flower of Life

The HighChi Flower of Life Pendant is an exquisite sacred geometric design and a universal template from which all life springs. The Flower of Life is considered sacred amongst many cultures around the world both ancient and modern, as it is known to strengthen intuition and one's connection to the Divine. Energized with HighChi energy it's innate properties are amplified even further, creating a wonderful sense of belonging, and well being. The HighChi Flower of Life also protects from negative EMF's from cell phones, and other electrical appliances, including negative energies from others.

The Flower of Life is amazing with the HighChi Pendant, as The Flower of Life already has the 12 Higher Harmonic intrinsically in it's design, and when energized with the 12 Higher Harmonics there is an energetic synergy where the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. Your HighChi Pendant is an amplifier and will further amplify the Flower of Life. We have measured the Flower of Life and it goes out forever, so it is not only extremely protective, as it strengthens your energy field, so you feel even more uplifted, protected and grounded, but it will expand your circle of influence. They were designed to be worn together. 

The Higher Harmonic of Gold comes out through the centre of the HighChi Pendant which will further amplify the healing properties of the Flower of Life. The Higher Harmonic of Gold the same energy you see around Saints, Angels and Holy People, so you get the golden glow! The Higher Harmonic of Gold is also the Alchemists energy.  It's about turning challenging situations into golden opportunities and it attracts gold or money which is always good. It's all about the law of attraction or resonant causation, as what we resonate at is what we attract. This is why we have over 200 designer energy fields, so you can resonate at what you want to create, be it Healing, Success and Power, Easy Learning, Healthy Eyes, etc. Life is a Gift from God and the Goddess, and we are learning how to receive that gift.

Flower of Life 3/4"
dia. 3/4" =19mm
thick. 1/16"=2mm
bale 1/8"=3mm
Flower of Life 1"
dia. 1" =25mm
thick. 1/16"=2mm
bale 3/16"=5mm

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