Flower of Life Ring

$ 259.00
Precious Metals

The HighChi Flower of Life Ring is an exquisite sacred geometric design and a universal template from which all life springs. The Flower of Life is considered sacred amongst many cultures around the world both ancient and modern, as it is known to strengthen intuition and one's connection to the Divine. Energized with HighChi energy, it's innate properties are amplified even further, creating a wonderful sense wellbeing. The HighChi Flower of Life also protects from negative EMF's from cell phones, and other electrical appliances, including negative energies from others.

The Flower of Life is a metaphor to demonstrate the unity among diversity. It is a mirror into which we can observe our limitless potential. When you meditate upon the Flower of Life, you open a window where the ordinary becomes a revelation of the extraordinary. This universal template challenges us to reunite our mind, body, and spirit in order to strengthen our connection to the divine and transform our world into a level of being and consciousness.

All rings available in 14k and 18k. Please email for more info.

FOL Ring size 6
Fol dia. 3/4"=19mm
Fol thick 1/32"=1mm
inside dia. 10/16"=16mm
band thick. 1/16"=2mm
FOL Ring size 7
Fol dia. 3/4"=19mm
Fol thick 1/32"=1mm
inside dia. 11/16"=17mm
band thick. 1/16"=2mm
FOL Ring size 8  
Fol dia. 3/4"=19mm Fol 
thick 1/32"=1mm
inside dia. 3/4"=18mm
band thick. 1/16"=2mm

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