Freedom, Connection and Love

$ 1,519.00

The 1" HighChi Pendant is our signature piece based on Sacred Geometry using Scalar Energy Technology. It is the key to our Collections because the energy flows down the channel into the body significantly amplifying the healing properties of the gemstone it is worn with. Known as the Intuitive stone" the Amethyst (6 carats) engages the higher self in order to release compulsive behaviours, stress and tensions. It also calms and stabilizes the mind, opening intuitive and psychic abilities. Worn on the 40" Fine Sailor Link, this Rose Gold Power Piece is meant to bring personal freedom and spiritual connection to the wearer. We added the 3 carats Rose Quartz to finish the Chi Chain with a luminous touch of self-love, harmony and emotional healing. 

Rose Gold is the most protective of all the golds.

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