Sacred Geometry and Leather Bracelet: Be Focused, Grounded, Protected

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$ 359.00
Brown - no skulls
Brown with Skulls button closure
Metallic Gold
Black with skulls

Please call the office at 415-279-2970 if you have a custom size or style.

The HighChi Sacred Geometry Leather Bracelet with the signature  3/4" Sterling Silver 925 HighChi Pendant with  your choice of closure: screw on magnet  or 925 recycled sterling silver button.


To get the most energy and protection from your HighChi Bracelet, be sure to wear your bracelet on your left hand. Your Energy comes in through your left hand across your Heart Meridian and down your right, so when you wear your bracelet on your left hand you ensure the optimum flow of energy. In Chinese medicine the flow of Chi or Qi in the body is in direct correlation to the level of vitality and health.

What is exciting about the HighChi Pendant leather bracelet is that it has a magnetic closure which is not only easy to take on and put off but we also energize the magnets for even more energy. The North /South magnetics cause the energy to flow round and round your wrist further amplifying the HighChi Pendant so you are even more protected, uplifted and grounded.

Your HighChi Bracelet is energized with the 12 Higher Harmonics, which are found in Music and in Color, we have them energetically. So when you wear HighChi Energy Jewelry you come into resonance with Music and Color, so you can Let Yourself be lifted!


"As soon as I unwrapped the HighChi Leather Bracelet that I ordered for my boyfriend I could immediately feel the energy! It’s such a great high and very grounding as well. It feels so good  I’m going to order one for myself."

Vivian K
Nutritional Consultant and Energy Practitioner


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