HighChi Pendant Bracelet on Wide Anchor Link

Take your energy to the next level with our Wide Anchor Link Bracelet. Beautifully crafted Italian chain in Sterling Silver with 18k gold plating. Connect the HighChi Pendant for an all-time energy high! Regular chains absorb negative energies which can feel very uncomfortable. Energized with Harmonic Resonance Technology the energy on our jewelry always feels pristine. A calming and peaceful energy is activated in the body and helps to protect from stress and the effects of other negative energies and frequencies.

925 sterling silver link with thick 23k gold plating, finished with lobster clasp. Italian production. Chic meets the modern edge.

This vital energy formulation is both peaceful and calming, strengthening your immunity against all forms of negativity.

Also known as the Hermes link, this is such an elegant bracelet, it's classic and has a lovely weight to it so it holds the energy beautifully, so you can feel even more protected uplifted and grounded. Perfect for a charm bracelet, so you can continue to add your HighChi Charms.

 Wide Anchor Bracelet 
thick 3/32'' = 3mm 
length 8'' = 20,3cm 
width 3/8'' = 10mm 
lobster clasp length 5/8'' = 16mm
lobster clasp width ¼’’ = 6mm

Type: Bracelets

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