Intuition: Success, Wealth - Bracelet

Lakshmi Pendant
3K Citrine
3K Pink Amethyst
Fine Anchor Bracelet

Lakshmi is known as the Mother of the Universe, the female energy of the Supreme Being. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual, the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm. She represents perfection or a state of refinement that surpasses the material world. Her close association with the lotus represents spiritual perfection and splendor. Lakshmi incarnates the power of abundance and good fortune, and is called upon by those who seek success. In the Ayurvedic tradition Gemstones have long been used for their healing properties, and when energized with HighChi Energy, these properties are amplified even further. Citrine is said to amplify wealth and protection, and Pink Amethyst is reputed to help stimulate psychic abilities. Your future creates your present, so when you wear Lakshmi and visualize yourself having what you want, feel yourself already having it, with all the love, excitement, joy and gratitude, knowing it is already done! Ask and it is given.

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