Love Magic Chi Cube Set

$ 50.00

Please take a digital full body photo of yourself and email to
You can stand in front of a full length mirror and take the photo with your phone.
Self Love - The most important thing we can do is love ourselves, because only then can we truly love others. Self Love is a very loving energy. You feel Loved and Loving, like you are in the arms of the Divine Mother herself.

Attract True Love - This is for a romantic relationship with intentions for partnership or marriage at the higher octave of goodness truth and beauty. Resonate at true love, the love we all so dearly want.

Love Magic -This is marvelous when combined with any of the Magic Series, as love is one of the generating energies, and will help you to create whatever other Chi Cubes you stack it with. It's all about Love combined with magic, which is changing reality in accordance with your will, your love, and your imagination. Attract more  love into your life so you can let in  more and more love on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels! How loving is that? 

Venus - Shine brightly when you are resonating at the energy of Venus! Attract love, romance, marriage, sex, beauty, music, wealth, knowledge and prosperity!

Self Confidence Charisma - When you are resonating at Self Confidence with Charisma it is a most compelling combination. There is nothing more attractive than than this!

Be Irresistible - This energy is very potent when used with Self Confidence Charisma and Love Magic.  Resonate at being irresistible and always remember to ask for what you want with ease and elegance and with harm to none. 

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