Love, Self Love, Romance

3/4" HighChi Pendant
Fine Parisian 18" Chain
3 Carat Rose Quartz

The greatest gift you can give someone you love is to teach them to love themselves, as you can only truly love others when you love yourself. Rose Quartz is known to open the heart to all kinds of Love, : Self-love, family love, spiritual love and romantic love, and is the most important crystal for attracting love. When worn with the HighChi Pendant you can amplify your intention even further, as the properties of the Rose quartz are magnified, as the energy comes through the center of the HighChi Pendant down the channel into your body. Visualize and feel yourself wrapped in an energetic cocoon of Love with the one or those that you love, and attract to yourself that which you most desire. The Ancient Egyptians believed that the same energies created by High Chi Jewelry created Gateways to the Divine. So when you wear HighChi Jewelry you are essentially Downloading the Divine! Ask and it is given!

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