Mars Protection Chi Cube Set

$ 300.00

Mars Energy for Major Protection - We love this energy. Mars Energy is known to be for effective for protection in battle or physical danger. Excellent for all battles, be they legal or otherwise. Feel safe, protected, and uplifted. Don’t leave home without it!

Jupiter - Success and Good Fortune, being at the right place at the right time. John and I have been working on this through December and it balances beautifully with all the other energies. If you have Jupiter in your chart it is actually in your energy field and people who have Jupiter are very fortunate. They win things in the stock market, lottery and gambling etc. and have very good fortune. In fact there was a book written by a famous Astrologer that John worked with, Jack Gillen, who has also written many books. Jack studied people who had received large sums of money in business deals, the stock market, or gambling etc. and in every case; the individual had Jupiter trining one of their planets. Jupiter is good fortune in all matters. So we are bringing in a beautiful new Jupiter energy, which balances beautifully with all the others we are using with you.  I am very excited about this as we can all use more abundance, and good fortune. You just need to either get it on a pendant or you can get it on a cube and just keep it on your body, or on your photo or DNA as these energies jump hyperspace. Jupiter is also about health.

Succeed Effortlessly - 
It takes much more effort to keep success away than it does to receive it. Let go of struggle and resonate with the sweet energy of success and receive the brilliant success that is your birthright.

Self Love - The most important thing we can do is love ourselves because only then can we truly love others. Self Love is a very loving energy. You feel Loved and Loving, like you are in the arms of the Divine Mother herself.

Intuition - Trusting that you know what you know.

Neutralize all Negative Energies - exactly what it says!


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