Memory, Success and Joy

$ 1,149.00

Manifest Your Heart's Desires!

This Power Piece contains Ganesh for Joy, Lakshmi for Abundance and Saraswati for Memory. In the eastern tradition they work together as a team to help you achieve success in all endeavors. Ask for help, visualize your desired outcome and watch your reality change!

In the Buddhist tradition, Amethyst and Citrine are the most powerful and desired combination of gemstones.

2 carats Amethyst - Stress release, inner-guidance and release of addictions.

2 carats Citrine - Abundance, good fortune and protection in legal matters.

Our 24" Medium Sailor Link allows you to wear this Power Piece as a necklace for both opening and protecting your heart chakra. It can also be worn as a wrap bracelet. Wear it on your left wrist to receive the full energy benefits. Includes the Chi Connector so you can add on and take off pieces and wear them on a necklace or a bracelet. 

 * All pieces can be purchased individually.

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