Polaroid for Chi Cubes

We now offer Polaroid Photographs for even more Powerful Energy Intentions! 
Put your Chi Cube on the Polaroid and come into resonance with your powerful energy intentions.

We are constantly testing and refining HighChi Energy. A Polaroid photo is a holographic image and when used with the Chi Cubes create a more effective delivery method. You can still use a piece of your hair under the cube however, the Polaroid gives you even more energy. Generally speaking, we recommend using only use one Chi Cube at a time on the Polaroid. You can also get Polaroids of your pets, loved ones or even your house.

Directions: Send a full-length digital photo of yourself, loved ones, pets, or house and we will turn it into a Polaroid and mail it to you so you can place your ChiCube .on your Polaroid photo for an even more powerful energy intention, be it Vibrant Health, Attract True Love, Inner Peace, or even Wealth and Fame! We have many powerful ChiCubes to choose from.  email us

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