Meditate Like a Master Power Piece: Protection, Meditation, Intuition. Starting at: $597

Release stress and achieve deep states of meditation with the HighChi Pendant and  Amethyst Gem Power* Piece. The HighChi Pendant is an Amplifier so it will amplify the Properties of the Amethyst: Stress Release, Intuition, and Release from Addictions.

Shown with your choice of two different Chi Chain choices: The 24" Parisian is a thinner chain, and the 3/4" HighChi Pendant and the 3 ct. Amethyst, which falls at the heart center or 4th chakra. The 36" Sailor Link is a thicker chain and falls at the solar plexus, or 3rd chakra, which is our power center. It is shown with the large HighChi Pendant and the 9 Carat Amethyst.

 ¾” HighChi Pendant
3 Carat Amethyst
Small Connector
24" Fine Parisian
 1” HighChi Pendant
6 Carat Amethyst
Large Connector
36" Medium Sailor 

The potent combination of HighChi Pendant with Amethyst helps one achieve equanimity and inner peace in even the most stressful of situations. 

*Power: The ability to act. 

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