Success Chi Cube Set

$ 250.00

Success and Power - Power means the ability to act, and this is a very powerful energy for manifesting success in your life. Feel yourself very grounded, very present and strong, with a palpable connection to the Divine, so you are in the flow or in the Zone.

Money Magic - The law of attraction or resonant causation are universal laws. Whatever we resonate at is what we attract into our lives. Money is one of the easiest things to manifest. Feel yourself enveloped in a wonderfully safe cocoon of money magic, which is part of our magic Series. Magic- Changing reality in accordance with your will, your love, your imagination!
*Money Magic energy is more expensive because of process in making this particular energy.

Manifestation Gold - Once you are resonating with Jupiter, then use manifestation gold, to bring what you most desire to you. This vibrates very Highly to the Higher Harmonic of Gold, which attracts gold or wealth, and is just wonderful for attracting to yourself that which you most desire. Ask and you will receive.

Jupiter - Luck, Success and Good Fortune, being at the right place at the right time. John and I have been working on this through December and it balances beautifully with all the other energies. If you have Jupiter in your chart it is actually in your energy field and people who have Jupiter are very lucky. They win things, and are lucky in the stock market, etc. just plain lucky. In fact there was a book written by a famous Astrologer that John worked with, Jack Gillen, who has also written many books. Jack studied people who had received large sums of money in business deals, the stock market, or gambling etc. and in every case; the individual had Jupiter trining one of their planets. Jupiter is luck in all matters. So we are bringing in a beautiful new Jupiter energy, which balances beautifully with all the others we are using with you. You can't have too much luck! I am very excited about this as we can all use more abundance, and good fortune. You just need to either get it on a pendant or you can get it on a cube and just keep it on your body, or on your photo or DNA as these energies jump hyperspace. Jupiter is also about health.

Life Force -With a Life Force Count of 5000! The highest previously recorded was in the 1940’s, which was 1800 for fruits, vegetables, the water table, the soil, and people. A Scientist and Farmer, Owen Lehto wrote a book called “Vibrations” in the 1940's, because he noticed that after the 2nd World War Life Force plummeted, which coincided with when the chemical companies sold their chemical warfare left over from WW2, such as DDT and other toxic chemicals to farmers. Lehto observed that Life Force in the land, water, plants and people dropped dramatically.

John Civitan, our director of research and development teaches at a University in the Philippines, and became very interested in Life Force, as when he tested the fruit fresh from the trees, they had a negative life force count. John tested organic fruits and vegetables from Whole Foods here in California, and they have a life force count of 5, which is a big drop form 1800 in the 1940’s. Inorganic has a negative life force count.

In 2011 we finally achieved a life force count of 1200, but if one ate sugar, which has a negative life force count, it would not hold. We now have pure Life Force Count at 5000, and holding no matter what one eats.

Life Force is also the magician’s energy, and we have just entered the age of the magician from the age of science. It is no wonder we have harnessed life force at this time. Life Force has been used traditionally in the practice of magic, as it is a direct connection to source. Traditionally magicians have sacrificed an animal, not because they needed the sacrifice, but they needed the life force. Now we can ask for what we want without any sacrifice at all.

Grounding - If you buy no other cube, this is the one!  The body loves and needs to be  grounded, as it's key to healing. When we're not grounded we forget things, we loose our keys, we're essentially in struggle. When we're grounded we're focused and we get things done. We easily achieve our goals and dreams.

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