The Heroes with Peridot

$ 879.00
Sterling Silver 925
18k Gold plating

Feel courageous, self-confident and protected with the Heroes. The perfect combination for any new ventures or major life change. Call upon the Buddha (Pendant) for self-confidence, self-realization, and spiritual guidance. Call upon Ganesh (Pendant) to help you remove the obstacles in the way of what you truly desire. He brings happiness, fun and success in all endeavors and is essential for starting new projects. Call upon Hanuman (Chi Charm) when you're ready to take a big leap in your life! A leap of love, a leap of faith, a leap of success! Known for his courage, wisdom and huge heart, he will bestow great blessings upon you and your journey, all you need to do is ask and know it is already done.

Worn on the 24" Fine Sailor Link with the Chi Connector and the 2 carat Peridot, which like the diamond is born of the molten crust of the earth and is pure transformation on every levels. Wonderful for releasing old armouring from the heart and allowing more love into your life. 

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