THE MINI-LEA (Life Energy Amplifier) BLISS PAK

$ 1,599.00
THE MINI-LEA (Life Energy Amplifier) BLISS PAK
  • Be Connected to Source
  • Feel Energized and Alive!
  • Feel Protected
  • Release Stress
  • Release Negative Thoughts
  • Experience a Profound Sense of Well Being

New portable LEA BlissPak™ is at the special price of $1,599 ...So you can feel energized and in the zone, wherever you are! The Bliss Pak can be comfortably carried in a pocket, fanny pack or cell phone holder for all day bliss. Many have experienced that when exercising with the BlissPak on the body, energy blockages or stress releases at an accelerated rate!

As an option, our VisionQuest subtle energy amplifier can power BlissPaks for very deep states of meditation.

Our new portable LEA model measures only 6 inches long, 1 inch in diameter and weighs only 12 ozs. This bliss filled energy cocoon stimulates the 1st and 2nd charkas both grounding and energizing the wearer. This mini system is entirely powered by magnetic energy! It has no moving parts to wear out, requires no batteries and there is no re-charging necessary. It sports a beautiful Far Infrared layered plating of 24k gold, rhodium, palladium, platinum and 24k gold, and an all carbon steel construction. It carries a lifetime guarantee (see below).

Wearing the Bliss Pak is described as a "vacation-like experience," with a profound sense of well-being. In sports, it produces increased stamina, overall strength, the release of stress and negative mental patterns, and is an elegant way to release negative thoughts. The wearer is better able to visualize and feel positive outcomes and desired futures, having released self-limiting thinking and feelings.

The North magnetics are also known for their anti-depressant, anti-viral, anti-aging, and alkalizing qualities, and moves throughout your body and energy field releasing energetic blockages in the forms of stressful emotions, conflicted thinking patterning, stress-producing attitudes, and traumatic cellular memory.

Our mini LEA delivers an energy cocoon that acts like a shelter to negate the unwanted energy influences of TV's, fluorescent lights, microwaves, computers, high tension lines, etc. Wearers report that it keeps their vitality high and their minds clear when in the presence of such devitalizing forces. They also show an increase in strength on muscle testing. The rigorous energy field clears stressful situations, allowing the past to naturally release and the wearer experiences a wonderful sense of well being.

The meditative like spaciousness is most noticeable and inspires a cool, calm and collected non-reactionary approach to relationships, sports and business. The vitalizing action of this high chi field, bring about improved cognitive function. With a great sense of increased well-being, you'll experience a stronger capacity to perform stressful tasks. When your mini LEA is not in service while sleeping, place it next to a bottle of water to energy charge your next day's water supply!

Note: All Bliss Pak’s and Wands are now upgraded energetically with the 12 Higher Harmonics, so we are including only one large magnet.  There are small neodymium magnets inside each wand, which excite the noble gasses, however we have tested the wands energetically and they test better with only one large magnet. With more than one the energy is no longer balanced, because it’s too much energy.

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