Wealth & Fame Chi Cube Set

$ 250.00

Manifestation, Success and Opportunity

This set is about creating Wealth & Fame in your life

  • Jupiter - Invites Luck, Success and Good Fortune.
  • Success & Power - Power stems from the ability to act. This is a very strong energy for manifesting success in your life. Feel yourself grounded and present with a palpable connection to the Divine. With this energy you flow in your optimum operating zone.
  • Money Magic - The law of attraction or resonant causation are universal laws. Whatever we resonate at is what we attract into our lives. Money is one of the easiest things to manifest. Feel yourself enveloped in a wonderfully safe cocoon of money magic, which is part of our magic Series. Magic- Changing reality in accordance with your will, your love, your imagination!
  • Wealth and Fame - Reward and recognition is your divine due.
  • Triumphant Victory - A victory of character, which is the most worthwhile victory of all.
  • Manifestation Gold - Resonate at manifestation gold, to bring what you most desire to you

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