White Tara Pendant

$ 159.00

White Tara represents -  Physical and Mental Well-Being, Longevity, Compassion,Truth and Perseverance.

Celebrated as the "Divine Mother,” and the "Goddess of Health and Longevity," White Tara heals dis-ease and solves problems at their source. Whether physical, mental, or emotional, wear her and feel yourself enveloped in Love, Compassion and Tenderness. White Tara is a beautiful guiding star that will bring you back to full integration and wholeness. Follow her lead and acquire patience and perseverance allowing you to triumph in every situation, both long-term and immediate. Ask and you will receive.
 White Tara
thick. 1/8"=3mm
bale 1/4"=6mm
height 1"=25mm
width 7/8"=22mm

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