Wide Parisian Bracelet with Sacred Geometry

This is our Wide Parisian Link Bracelet. Demure meets seductive! We've added our 3/4" Sacred Geometry HighChi Pendant to it to really amp up the energy!

The HighChi Pendant literally shimmers with energy!  It is the key in our collection because it is an amplifier. The Higher Harmonic of gold flows down the channel into the body significantly amplifying the energy whatever it is worn with. Throughout history, Angels, Saints, and Holy People have been shown with a halo, a beautiful golden glow emanating from their being. This is the Higher Harmonic of Gold*. The design is pure sacred geometry, and each point represents the Angelic Kingdom, Archangel Michael, Gabrielle, Uriel, and Michael. When you wear the HighChi Pendant, you can  Feel yourself protected and uplifted by their beautiful energy. 

*Also known as Alchemist’s Energy, The Higher Harmonic transforms challenging situations into Golden opportunities. It also attracts gold, and prosperity and health to the wearer. 

925 sterling silver link also available with thick 23k gold plating, finished with lobster clasp. Italian production.  

Wide Parisian Bracelet
thick 1/16" = 2mm
length 8'' = 20,3cm
width 7/32'' = 5mm
lobster clasp length 7/16’’ = 11mm
lobster clasp width 3/16’’ = 5mm 
High Chi Pendant 3/4"
dia. 3/4" =19mm
thick. 1/16"=2mm
bale 1/8"=3mm


Type: Bracelets

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