Wild Abandoned Lust Chi Cube Set

$ 250.00

SexyTime - That special time where love and lust intersect with our spirituality. And what could be better than that?

Male Erotica - Male energy designed for men who love women. Or men.

Female Erotica - A very powerful female sexual and mental energy designed just for women. As we all know great sex begins in the mind.

Sexual Desire - Awaken the power of passion. From slightly out-of-control to madness and mayhem. Bedsheets and batteries not included. Great sex begins in the mind. Where it finishes is up to you.

Loving Sexy Relationship - For loving couples looking to fan the fire. For those in search of that sublime partner. Communication, spoken and unspoken. Levels of trust, expression and understanding expand.

Wild Abandoned Lust - 

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