BG3 Acupoint Chi Cube

$ 50.00

We recently upgraded our foundational energy on all HighChi Energy Jewelry to the BG3/Acupoint Energy, as it’s more balancing and harmonizing for the physical and subtle energy body, which is needed right now. 

Our new energy is a Synergy of Power Spot energy, which you find in the Great Pyramid, Lourdes, etc. where miracles happen. We designed it to work with the power spots in the body, which are the Acupoints. Power spots are created when the energy or grid lines of the earth or body meet to create Sacred, Divine, or Zero Point Energy. Our new Foundational Energy also includes a BioSignature of the Acupoints or power spots in the body, so they create a synergy where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We also use Cymatic Frequencies, which also create sacred geometry patterns. Sacred Geometry informs our energies and designs, which we understand as the Gateway to the New World, a world of Magic and Miracles. 

 Many clients are experiencing it to be excellent for releasing pain. Our new energy is even more protective, uplifting, and powerful, and wonderful for letting go of who you’re not, so we can receive the magnificence of who we truly are. You’re good to go!

Instructions: Place your ChiCube in your hand, pocket, bag, so it is in your energy field. Or, on top of your Polaroid* Photo,  or your DNA such as a hair follicle. Both the  Polaroid and your DNA are holographs of you so the energy jumps hyperspace and comes right into your energy field, so you are resonating at what you want to create;  feeling protected, uplifted and focused. 

*Note: Digital photographs will not transfer the energy. It must be a Polaroid.  

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