Smile of Inner Joy 108 Bead Prayer Malas

$ 349.00
Mala Choices

Like precious pearls, HighChi Prayer Malas are all hand knotted, and each bead is prayed over by LuLu who has the most loving energy.

Our Malas are powerful reminders of our intentions and each one is especially energized by HighChi.  Choose your mala according to what you are asking for, and feel the Deep Gratitude of knowing it is already done! Ask and You Will Receive.

Orange Jasper – Calming, Centering
Crazy Lace Agate – Joy, Grounding, Security
Rudraksha Beads – Protection, Spiritual Connection

 – Beauty, Calm, Transformation


How to wear your HighChi Mala

How to use your Prayer Mala

Significance of 108 Beads

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