Pure Joy Prayer Mala

$ 279.00

Like precious pearls, HighChi Prayer Malas are all hand knotted, and each bead is prayed over by Lulu who has the most loving energy.

Our Malas are powerful reminders of our intentions and each one is especially energized by HighChi.  

All Malas come with energy upgrade of Divine I am Presence.

Joy Mala - Joy, Focus, Safety, and Security. 
Crazy Lace Agate: Joy, Grounding, and Security.
Amethyst: Stress Release, Connection with your Higher Self and Release of Addictions.
Rose Quartz: Deepens Unconditional, Self, Romantic, and Familial Love. Supports Harmony. 
Pearls: Expands Beauty, Calm, and Transformation.
Rudraksha Beads: Strengthens Protection and Spiritual Connection 

How to wear your HighChi Mala

How to use your Prayer Mala

Significance of 108 Beads

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