December 23, 2014

Clinging to Mental Attitudes That Make You SO Miserable.

It's curious and dumbfounding that people cling to mental attitudes that seem to make them so miserable. The movie "What the Bleep?!"offers an explanation.

The hypothalamus, located at the base of the brain, secretes short chain amino acids that are responsible for all of our emotions. They flood the system and are sent to the cells, but they have to enter the cells in order to transfer the chemical instructions that they contain. The cells have receptor sites covering their cell walls, which are made specifically for amino acids to dock. But, in order for an amino acid to dock successfully, the receptor site has to be a
perfect shape to accommodate the shape of the amino acid, much like the relationship of a key to a matching lock. The receptor sites have the ability to mutate their shape over time, and that's exactly what they do so they can accommodate the shapes of specific amino acids.

If your mental attitude is that of a victim, the hypothalamus produces short chain "victim" amino acids. Over time, trillions of
cell receptor sites have been created by the cells to be a perfect match to these specific chains ... and the cells are ready and
waiting to receive the information they carry. The cells are dependent upon instructions from the brain and the custom-made cell
receptor sites are physical structures designed for the successful docking of amino acid chains that reflect specific emotions. Hence, the so-called hard-wiring is in place. If you stop thinking (and feeling) your usual victim-oriented thoughts, the hypothalamus stops putting out these amino acids and your cells go into withdrawal ... a chemical withdrawal as they are not getting the packets of amino acids that they are use to.

The answer as to why we continue to hold a mental view that is obviously painful is that our cells are addicted to the acids
produced by the hypothalamus when we have these thoughts.

To make personal changes to a healthier emotional reality, we must try our best to stop thinking the thoughts (telling the victim story) and let ourselves go into withdrawal. The victim thoughts should be replaced by feelings of hope and unity ... which are represented by their own unique amino acid chains that have their own shape. 

This is where the Feel and Flick comes in. Start feeling those feelings and go up the tiers of emotion until you get to the love space. Then visualize yourself having what you want. You are essentially rewiring your brain.

We must have a significant amount of determination to make a lasting change to healthier feeling and thinking, as the hardwiring of the cell receptors need time --- days, weeks, perhaps months --- to adapt their shape to the new amino acids. But, it will happen, and one day soon your whole system will be re-made ... the cell receptors will be re-configured and they will eagerly absorb the healthy-oriented amino acids. In fact, you'll feel perfectly at home in your body and in harmony with your surroundings. *****


With Good Thoughts,
Francesca McCartney, PhD
Founder, President
Academy of Intuition Medicine®
Energy Medicine University
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