HighChi Energy Licensing

We recently had a question from a client about Energy Licensing for Art.

Yes we can design energy for you and put them on your artwork. All of our energies are beautifully balanced as we have over 50 different measuring techniques and have over 200 designer energies. Each one is beautifully balanced and absolutely unique. HighChi is Le Haute couture of Subtle Energy Science! I love to say that! 
You can actually experience each unique energy with the Chi Cubes, as acrylic holds the energy extremely well. Also when you use the chi cubes, and  wear the jewelry, you are resonating at an even higher Level of energy. The energies communicate with each other and work synergistically (where the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts), setting up a resonate frequency which is even higher and so you feel even more protected, uplifted, grounded, etc. depending on which energies you are working with. 
Similarly if we were to energize your art work and there were different pieces on the walls, the energy in the  paintings would communicate with each other and lift the resonance of the house even more so with the energy fields that we energized your paintings with. Be it Healing if you want a healing environment, Success and Power for a very ground and powerful environment for say working, or Tibetan Prayer Flag for say a meditation room.  You get the idea.